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In the height and width fields, enter the dimensions of the project after cutting (without bleed).
In the case of any shapes (ie circles, ellipses, stars, etc.), these should be the dimensions of the rectangle described on them.

Minimum work size: 5 x 5 mm.

After pressing the "calculate" button, the calculator will automatically check the correctness of the dimensions in relation to the selected material and type of cut (ie whether the work meets our technical capabilities).

Fill in the calculator from top to bottom.

Paper formats:

Formaty papieru nalepki



Details on materials can be found in materials catalog .


Personalization is the ability to change any graphic or text elements for each subsequent print. In the case of several designs of the same type, the inputs are added together.


- Cut with straight lines means the design is a rectangle.
- Cut into any shape applies to labels with irregular shapes (eg circle, ellipse, star, heart, etc.). In the case of very complex shapes, the price may change (only with the consent of the customer).

For details, see materials catalog . The calculator verifies the lamination options for the selected material.

When shipped by a courier company, the delivery date is extended by 2-3 day.