About us


Since 2005 we have been operating on the market, combining the experience and knowledge of two generations with modern technology. We specialize in printing of small and medium print runs. Our domain is product labels and stickers for outdoor and indoor applications. We offer prints in digital production technology in a quality comparable to offset. Thanks to this, we are able to make both small and larger projects without losing quality. Digital printing allows for almost unlimited personalization of work. In one order you can combine many variants of the same work, each in a different quantity. This is great for business cards when you need them for, say, 5 people. Then you order them as a total effort.

The UV-Led printing technology turned out to be a good supplement to our capabilities. These prints are perfect for outdoor use due to the incredible durability of pigments and the possibility of using materials appropriate for this purpose. We can also recommend them for indoor use, as there are no harmful or odorous solvents.

Our own bindery allows us to quickly carry out our work.

We offer prints in the following variants:

 - production colour digital printing

 - black and white digital printing

 - UV-Led printing on soft substrates such as poster paper, self-adhesive films

 - UV-Led printing with the use of white colour on colourless substrates

 - UV-Led printing on foamed PVC

 - printouts to be highlighted

and their subsequent processing, including:

 - incising (engraving)

 - cut into shape

 - lamination

 - gluing

 - paperback

 - spiral binding

 - saddle stitch (brochure) binding

 - creasing and folding

As an additional service, we provide personalization, i.e., placing variable data on the graphic design. This is most often used in the case of discount cards (e.g., sequential numbering, barcode) or identifier (photo, personal data, department).